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Quality approach


Since the creation of our company H-PreC, customer satisfaction as well as the conformity of our products and our processes have been at the heart of our quality approach. This is based on 4 major axes which are broken down into customer commitments:


1.Listening to customers and the quality of our products

2.Continuity of innovation, in all our activities

3.Our continuous improvement linked to the evolution of our customers' expectations

4.Our commitment to the CSR journey to make our activities ever more responsible


H-PreC's commitment to quality is a key factor for its customers and the company ensures that everyone is involved in each process in order to deliver products that meet our customers' expectations.

ISO 9001


As part of our quality approach, we have made it a point of honour to obtain ISO 9001: 2015. This certification obtained in December 2016, is both a guarantee for our customers, but also for our suppliers.



Being ISO 9001: 2015 certified means implementing our quality policy and highlighting the involvement of employees to achieve the objectives set in a process of continuous improvement.



Maintaining its certification over the years means acting on several levers of performance. In particular, by giving confidence to our customers and prospects; and internally enhance and develop the skills of employees.



Parcours RSE 

H-PreC is committed to taking into account the societal, economic and environmental impact of our society.

07 Juin 2016

French Fab

The French Fab embodies the refoundation of the French industry: Innovative and exporting.

11 Janvier 2018

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