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About us

H-PreC is a family business founded in July 2015 by Cécile CRASSOUS and her brother Arnaud, PhD in materials physics and a researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne. The company is funded by Daniel Le Gal, founder of Gemalto, and by BPI France. 

The company was born from an observation: The use of composite materials increases in the industry. There are plenty of opportunities, but to seize them, companies have to face a major challenge: optimize processes and production rates in order to make composite materials more competitive.


Our first production unit is based in a high-tech building of 1000m² in Carros near Nice Airport. Two million euros were invested to adapt the actual production line to mass production: automatic fabric cutting, large capacity 5-axis CNC machine, machine and tooling for high-speed production...

Our company develops and manufactures thermosetting composite from its two exclusive industrial processes that make the high-quality composite accessible from prototype to mass production. 

Today we own two exclusive patented fabrication processes: the H-PreC One-Step® and the H-PreC BloK®.


Our processes and products are destined to manufacturers who want to take advantage of composite materials or optimize their current composite solutions.


Startup booster 

The startup booster reward the most innovative companies of the composite industry. 

16 March  2017

Talent INPI 

This distinction, emphasizes the importance of the innovation,  at the heart of our company policy.

10 October 2018

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