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technologies bringing a new generation of composites to industry"

Cécile Crassous



Our company develops and manufactures thermosetting composite thanks to two exclusive patented fabrication processes: H-PreC One-Step® and H-PreC BloK®.



At H-PreC we know that innovation must be standardized to reach the industry, this is the reason why quality is at the core of our activities. 



In response to its customers' needs, H-PreC creates original products meeting all requirements in terms of cost, standards, and quality for the industry.


H-PreC is a family business founded in July 2015 by Cécile CRASSOUS and her brother Arnaud, PhD in materials physics and a researcher at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale in Lausanne. The company is funded by Daniel Le Gal, founder of Gemalto, and by BPI France. 

The company was born from an observation: The use of composite materials increases in the industry. There are plenty of opportunities, but to seize them, companies have to face a major challenge : ...

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